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Historic Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia

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Due to our most recent change in ownership the Restaurant at Rabun Manor will be closed for this current weekend of 2/22 – 2/24. Please keep watching for our latest updates as we transition from Rabun Manor to Rabun Manor Resort.

Historic Inn Located in Dillard, GA

Nestled in the foothills of the stunning North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains, Rabun Manor was built in 1846. The manor is a magical place that lends itself to the making of memories that will last a lifetime. This 172-year-old Southern mansion serves as a bed and breakfast with five luxury rooms, two cottages and a restaurant/event venue.

Rabun Manor is an ideal venue for a romantic destination wedding, anniversary celebration, family reunion, holiday party or simply a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of ‘life in the city.’ Check out our wedding video!

Take a walk in one of the three national forests located around the manor for rejuvenation and relaxation. Savor a cup of freshly brewed tea or aromatic java on our inviting porch as you watch the clouds go by. Enjoy our stunning views while reading a good book.

Historic Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia


Rabun Manor (formerly Old Whitehall Inn) was built in Whitehall, Ga where she served the White family for many years.  The house was used as a school house for all of the children of the White family clan that moved to the area from Ireland in 1827.  When Mrs. White desired a “summer home” in the mountains, John R. suggested she could move the old school house.  Mr. White had already replaced the families living quarters with a beautiful Romanesque, Georgian mansion. It is now the  current home of The Univ. of GA’s  Warnell Forestry School outside of Athens, GA.  See more>

Mrs. White carefully numbered the boards of the house, dismantled it and loaded it on the railroad which brought it to Mountain City, GA.  Once there, she re- loaded it to a mule train and had it delivered to the hilltop it sits upon in Dillard, GA. This phenomenal achievement took place in 1906.   She had it carefully re-constructed and members and friends of the White family spent years making memories and enjoying the beautiful view of the North Georgia Mountains from the front porch.

Upon the purchase of the home in June of 2011, Ginger Isom and Rev. Nancy B. Childress determined that Old Whitehall Inn really belongs to Rabun County.   The “people of Rabun County” have a real jewel in their midst and they wanted them to enjoy her and all she can provide.  Allan White, the last resident of the home shares the stories of memories that were made at Rabun Manor and she hopes the same fine tradition continues.

We warmly invite you to Eat, Stay and Experience Rabun Manor, where memories are made.

Historic Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia


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Historic Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia

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Historic Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia